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A journey of a 1,000 kilometres

Edits by Minh Duong

Over a span of 9 days, we visited Can Gio Mangrove and Cat Tien National Park (UNESCO Biosphere Reserves), Mekong Delta in Ben Tre, red and white sand dunes in Mui Ne; Van Thanh Flower Village, Cuong Hoan Silk Farm, and coffee farm in Da Lat. 

"Take only pictures, leave only footprints
." We left the areas not only with footprints, but also with great discussions about the environmental issues.
 This trip seeded hopes of finding solutions to mitigate carbon emissions in the mangrove systems. 

Day 1: Ben Tre (a part of Mekong Delta)

Cruising along the Chet Say River

Visiting brick kilns and the coalpit where husks are used to make charcoal as a source of activated carbon.

Boating along Cai Son canal

Day 2: Off to Can Gio Mangrove for Water and Sediment Samplings *follow through the end to see a funny moment!*

On the way to the sampling location and at Dam Doi

At the sampling location

Filtered and acidified water samples

Labelled and sealed the serum bottle

Sediment sampling

Bird Sanctuary

Reserve Bats Lagoon

Crocodile and Monkey Conservative Area

Day 3 and 4: To the beach city - Mui Ne, Phan Thiet

White Sand Dunes

Red Sand Dunes

Fisherman Show

Fairy Stream

Electricity Production

Day 8, 9: Nam Cat Tien

Taking the Ferry to the National Park

Tree Species

Living organisms


A 5-km hike rewarded us with a view

Day 5, 6, 7: Da Lat - the City of Eternal Spring

Van Thanh flower village

Coffee Plantation

Silk Farm

Da Lat is called 'Eternal Spring' because the city has chilly spring weather all year round. Coming along with the vibrant spring spirit is the captivating and breathtaking landscape!


Behind the Scene 

*not a fun moment* 

Our PI got stuck in the mud after demonstrating the sediment sampling :(

*several minutes later*

But thankfully, we had a great rescue team (Dr. Wei Wang and Dr. Ian Power)! Safe and sound in the end.

Science and Beyond Science - Bonding Time!

EnIGMA Lab with the students from Ho Chi Minh University of Technology

Left to right: Kaileigh, Ashlyn, Zivi (Dr. Power's Lab), Minh.

A small birthday celebration for Dr. Dang 🥳

- 2023

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