- Anique is onboard the Amundsen icebreaker for a sampling trip (Feb 28 to March 14, 2020); she collected water, suspended particles and biological samples to investigate biogeochemical cycles of nutrients and emergent pollutants in the Saint-Lawrence river in Winter. 

See the CBC-Info broadcast.

- Our most recent publication on novel thiomolybdate species is published on Talanta. We showed a few series of reactions between molybdenum and sulfides using advanced mass spectrometry.

- We just published an article on how kinetic models could be applied for the geochemistry of pollutants, especially for the release of Pb from contaminated sediments during resuspension events. This article is in memory of our dear colleague and friend, Cedric Garnier. 


- Welcome to Anique Chatzis who will join us as an MSc student (2019-2021).

- Welcome to Hang Nguyen and Rose Zhang who will join us as summer students (July-August 2019).