Ph.D. in Environmental and isotope geochemistry, Trent University

We invite you to apply for a 4-year position as a Ph.D. researcher in environmental and isotope geochemistry to start in September 2019. This Ph.D. project aims at using non-conventional isotope composition (e.g., Nd) to track sources, transfer mechanisms and the fate of emerging contaminants (e.g., rare earth elements, REEs) in the environment.

The successful applicant will work at Trent University, Ontario on the dynamic and associated isotopic fractionation of REEs in the environment considering the emerging industrial sectors using these technology-critical elements (e.g., permanent magnets, renewable energy, recycling of electronics) as potential sources of REEs. State-of-the-art facilities (e.g., mass spectrometers) will be available at the Trent Water Quality Center (https://www.trentu.ca/wqc/facilities-services/facilities).

We are looking for a strong and enthusiastic candidate who enjoys conceptual thinking having a background in environmental biogeochemistry. Previous experience with non-conventional isotope composition is an asset.

Thematic research shall be conducted under the supervision of Dr. Doug Evans and Dr. Huy Dang.

Application requirements:

  • A cover letter (one page).

  • CV/Resume.

  • Undergraduate and graduate academic transcripts (unofficial transcripts are acceptable at this stage).

  • Name and contact information of two referees.

The application package should be forwarded to Dr. Huy Dang (huydang@trentu.ca).


If you would like to join our group as a student or postdoctoral researcher, simply send us an email, or stop by the lab!

We have on-going projects and we welcome you to share with us your own ideas!

Prospective graduate students

If you think that our research group would be a good fit for you, please contact the PI so we can discuss your research interests. Graduate students will be enrolled with the Environmental and Life Sciences (ENLS) program at Trent University. You can start with some general overviews on being a student at TrentU and in the ENLS program from the respective websites. Also, feel free to contact some of the current members of our group.

The admission process is described in detail at the website of Trent School of Graduate Studies.

When you email, please send:

  1. Your CV

  2. A brief description of your research interests and any relevant experience or skills

  3. Unofficial transcript


Undergraduate students

If you are interested in any of our on-going project to conduct an honors thesis or in working as a research assistant with the group, please email the PI to discuss available opportunities.


While you are encouraged to apply for your own funding, we are happy to work with you on the application process!

A few examples of funding opportunities: