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We have been carrying out research activities on ENvironmental Isotope Geochemistry (ENIG) & analytical chemistry (notably Mass spectrometric Analysis, MA).


ENIG: We study biological, chemical, geological processes, that govern the properties and composition of the natural environment! In other words, we investigate the biogeochemical processes controlling the cycling of nutrients, trace elements and isotopes (TEIs) in the environment.

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MA: Also, we develop analytical tools (notably mass spectrometric techniques) for environmental applications.

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In brief, we apply advanced analytical chemistry to enable innovations in environmental biogeochemistry.

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More specifically, our research focuses on:

  • Fate and transport of nutrients, metals, metalloids, and radionuclides.

  • Development of analytical tools for emerging contaminants.

  • Applications of isotope composition to paleoenvironmental studies and forensic geochemistry.

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