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ENIG: ENvironmental Isotope Geochemistry:

In ENvironmental Isotope and Geochemistry, our research aims to connect the past, present, and future. So that our understanding of the geochemistry of elements/isotopes in modern settings can be extrapolated to paleoenvironmental applications and used to calibrate models for future predictions.


Also, we are interested in pollutant geochemistry, which focuses on sources and fates of contaminants in the environment and potential impacts on environmental and human health. The two major pillars of this research topic emphasize on our ability to:

(i) understand the biogeochemical processes that affect the fate of contaminants,
(ii) track sources of contamination (forensic geochemistry).

Based on the experimental approaches, the second area of our research interests relates to the development of novel approaches and parsimonious models to overcome the large uncertainty in traditional methodologies for understanding complex biogeochemical systems.

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