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The EnIGMA facilities are funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, Ontario Research Fund, NSERC RTI programs and research projects with strategic private partners.

The EnIGMA team has access to the mass spectrometers of Trent University's Water Quality Centre, but also the in-house facilities at Trent University. Three laboratory spaces are dedicated to solid sample preparation (ESB A121), general wet chemistry and instrument room (CSB F103) and preparation for ultra-trace/isotope analysis (ESB A123). A lab scheduling system is available via Clustermarket (EnIGMA lab) for reservation and SOP management.

Sample preparation equipment

Water and liquid matrices

  • Various filtration systems (filtration kits, Teflon-coated diaphragm pump) under laminar flow hoods (Envirco).

  • SPE Tube vacuum manifold for the preconcentrations of organic matters (Alltech 24-Port manifold)

  • Automated preconcentration system for rare earth elements and other trace elements from seawater (ESI seaFAST)

  • Teflon-coated hotplate and evaporation stand (Analab Evapoclean and Hotplate)

  • Suboiling distillation system for HNO3 and HCl (Milestone DuoPur)


  • Planetary ball mill (Retsch PM100) 

  • Manual (11T, Carver) and automatic (35T, SPEX3636 X-Press) hydraulic press stations 

  • Oven and muffle furnace (up to 1100°C) for LOI determination

  • Microwave digestion labstation (Milestone Ethos Pro)


  • Particle Into Liquid Sampler


General lab equipment

Oven and muffle furnace (up to 1100°C)

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